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  • In January 2016 officially listed electric door shower room
  • The company website officially launched
  • LCD glass screen hidden through listing
  • Intelligent mobile mobile curtain wall listed
  • Intelligent folding door folding curtain wall listed
  • the maglev automatic sliding door moving curtain wall listed
  • The first hydraulic automatic door closing waterproof strips installed throughout the root of shower room
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    Smart minimalist light luxury doors and Windows
  • Electric skylight  
  • Panoramic narrow side outer door and window  
  • Invisible door, coat and hat glass cabinet  
  • Panoramic narrow side door  
  • Smart green plant wall
  • Soilless plant green walls  
  • 5/5000 Zhnng zhdi mn Smart folding door
  • Frameless glass folding door  
  • Electric side frame glass folding door  
  • Electric glass folding door  
  • Smart emerging automatic door
  • Balance easy sliding door  
  • Emergency quick push automatic door  
  • Dimmable glass automatic door  
  • Electric rotating bottom shaft partition door  
  • Electric sliding door / electric bus door  
  • Magnetic suspension automatic sliding door  
  • Smart partition
  • Electric rotating partition  
  • Electric side frame glass activities cut off  
  • Electric framed glass partition  
  • Electric partition  
  • Smart shower room
  • Electric shower room  
  • The dimming glass shower room  
  • Gradient glass shower room  
  • Frameless shower room  
  • Self-cleaning shower room  
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