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Product Name:Electric skylight

Electric skylightThe skylight roof can be opened and closed intelligently and intelligently, giving you the freedom to free your mind, and embrace nature, blue sky, white clouds, and starry sky at any time.

The product is equipped with automatic wind, rain and smoke sensing devices, which can monitor the automatic window closing and skylight opening in real time according to special weather and special conditions.

       Our electric sunroof is divided into three models: large, medium and small. The span is greater than 6m is a large electric sunroof, the span is between 3m and 6m is a medium electric sunroof, the span is less than 3m is a small electric sunroof; the common categories are: translational, vertical There are three types of flat push / flat lift and oblique push.

       Professional high-quality products are guaranteed not to leak rain. The waterproof drive passes the test. Even if the entire sunroof product is immersed in water, it will work normally. You choose Xi Yashijia, which is the choice of ease, comfort, peace of mind, and safety.













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